Africa's Best Kids Organics Conditioning Relaxer Kit-Regular - 2 APP

Africa's Best SKU: 034285515010

Africa's Best Kids Organics Conditioning Relaxer Kit-Regular - 2 APP

Africa's Best SKU: 034285515010
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Africa's Best introduces the first No-Lye Organic Conditioning Relaxer System for girls - Kid's Organics. With all-natural and organic conditioners, this relaxer system strengthens and conditions your child's hair during the relaxing process. The extra gentle formula offers superior straightening while also helping to repair, rebuild, and restore hair elasticity and softness, leaving it with a healthy shine and silky smooth feel. To prevent breakage or damage, the kit includes Scalp Guard Pre-Relaxer protectants, which creates a protective barrier around the scalp and guards against irritation.

✨ Key Highlights:

  • Kids Organics by Africa's Best is a gentle, non-drying relaxer for girls.
  • It rebuilds, protects, and restores hair's elasticity, softness, and shine.
  • The kit includes organic conditioners for healthier hair and superior straightening.
  • The ScalpGuard pre-relaxer protectant provides scalp protection.
  • The directions recommend applying the relaxer creme mixture to the hair in sections and smoothing the hair for better straightening.

🌿 Key Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter, Horsetail, Carrot Oil, Soy Protein, Nettle, Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Cholesterol, Egg Protein, Honey, Tea Tree Oil

👀 Directions:

  • STEP 1: HOW TO MIX ACTIVATOR AND CREME RELAXER IMPORTANT: Activator liquid must be mixed with creme relaxer before applying to hair. 1. Use the wooden spatula to make a hollow center in the creme relaxer jar. 2. Pour entire contents of activator bottle into relaxer creme jar. Thoroughly mix until the mixture is smooth and has a uniform color. White streaks in the relaxer creme mean that you must continue to mix. The relaxer creme is properly mixed when the mixture is smooth and creamy with an even uniform color. Do not allow mixture to stand for more than 40 minutes prior to use.
  • STEP 2: PRE-RELAXER & RELAXER APPLICATION 1. Carefully detangle hair with large tooth comb. 2. Part hair into 4 section, down the middle and forms ear to ear. 3. Apply a small amount of ScalpGuard pre-relaxer protectants directly to scalp. Continue making small parts in each section applying ScalpGuard until the protectants has been applied to the entire scalp. 4. Put on protective gloves 5. Set timer as indicated by strand test and the timing guide. 6. Start applying the relaxer creme mixture in the back sections. Make small 1/4 inch partings and apply relaxer with the back of the wide tooth comb or with your fingers. Complete each section and leave the hairline edges for last. RE-TOUCH FOR NEW GROWTH 1. If hair has been relaxed BEFORE, APPLY ONLY TO THE NEW GROWTH. Never apply sooner than 6 weeks following. 2. Avoid spreading relaxer mixture on previously relaxed hair. APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 5 TO 8 MINUTES. FOR UNRELAXED HAIR/ VIRGIN HAIR 1. Spread down the entire length of the hair strands, section by section. 2. USING A WIDE TOOTH COMB, Carefully comb through each section to insure even coverage. DO NOT tug, pull or force comb through tangles.
  • STEP 3: SMOOTHING Smoothing the hair improves straightening.
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