HT 26 paris Wheat Germ oil

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HT 26 paris Wheat Germ oil

source4beauty SKU: 3440570740970
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Wheat oil is a magnificent enemy of maturing item which likewise sustains dry hair. The oil of raw grain is most extravagant in vitamin E. It is suggested for a wide range of skins and specifically the dry skins. It very well may be utilized on the face, the body or on your hair on the off chance that they are dry and flimsy. Treating the skin infections the such psoriases or eczema is successful. It is ideal in counteraction of the kinks and gerçures. The oil of raw grain is a characteristic antioxydant. It is hence a viable moderate to be included your normal arrangements (creams, oils, moisturizers and so on… .

✨ Key Highlights:

  • HT 26 Paris Wheat Germ Oil
  • Anti-aging properties and nourishes dry hair
  • Rich in vitamin E, recommended for dry skin
  • Effective for treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
  • Natural antioxidant for various skincare and haircare applications

🌿 Key Ingredients: 

  • Wheat Germ Oil

👀 Directions:

  • For skincare:  Apply a few drops of HT 26 Paris Wheat Germ Oil to the face or body and massage gently until absorbed. Suitable for dry skin.
  • For haircare:  Apply a small amount of oil to dry and brittle hair, focusing on the ends. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight, then wash hair as usual.
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